The Science Of Love vs Online Dating

On Monday night, NBC aired a show called “The Science Of Love”. It was based on an experiment about falling in love. A bachelor got to hand pick one girl out of 50, that were chosen by a dating service. A second girl was chosen for him, based on scientific data i.e. his biological and psychological makeup.

The show held a lot of merit. The scientists who chose the girl for the bachelor, were experts in the science of love. Both of the girls appeared to be a good match for him. The date with the girl he had chosen, was a typical date-time spent tossing a ball at a football field (he’s a football player), and an evening of dinner and dancing. The date the bachelor went on with the “science girl” was “engineered”, and they participated in activities and ate food, that arose “feelings”, and “awakened the senses” that parallel those we feel, when we’re in love. With both girls, the communication flowed naturally, and there was a “chemistry” between the bachelor and each of the girls. Ironically, in the end, he chose the girl based on scientific data.

That raises the question, do online dating services work? Or, would it be better to find a “scientific” match?

In two earlier articles I wrote about online dating. The first article is, Online Dating, Does It Work?, where I explore relationship issues and provide links to several online dating services. The second article is, Online Dating Services-Be Safe, and I address the issue of being “smart” if you choose to participate in online dating.

Personally, I think online dating can work. I know several couples who met online, and they all appear to be as happy as couples who met in a more traditional way. I’m sure their first meeting was as nerve racking as any first date, however, they probably rank higher in time spent communicating. With communication being so important in a relationship, online daters may have an advantage. Plus, if it’s not working, it would be a lot easier to “break it off” online.

So, until someone opens up a “scientific” dating service, it’s back to meeting that special someone, either in a traditional way, through personals, or online. Which ever way you choose, I wish you all the best.

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