Time Saving Tip – Storage Of Garbage Bags

Doesn’t it seem like we never have enough time? So, to me, a time saving tip becomes pretty valuable. Here’s one I learned from a good friend of mine.

Store about six to ten clean garbage bags in the bottom of your garbage can. When you empty the garbage, your clean bags are right at your finger tips. No more wasting time, searching for that box of bags.

If you use the large 55 gallon garbage cans, as they do in large commercial sites, you could store even more bags in the bottom of the can.

There’s nothing worse than having someone throw something into the garbage can before you have a chance to put a new bag in it. With this time saving tip, that problem can be avoided.

Now…..you just need to find someone who wants to take the garbage out. Sorry, but I can’t help you with that one :(

The package that beats cable

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One Response to Time Saving Tip – Storage Of Garbage Bags

  1. angel says:

    This is a great idea my husband taught me this about five years ago (boyfriend then) the only thing he ever has shown me as far as advice on cleaning. He doesn’t even know how to pick up his sunflower seeds. HAHA but I’m not even kidding love him still

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