Uses For Vinegar

I’ve used vinegar for several projects around the house. I’ve used vinegar to wash windows. And, I’ve used vinegar to clean no wax floors. I’ve cooked with vinegar and I’ve used vinegar in salad dressings. I’ve also used a bowl of vinegar to reduce the smell of paint, when I’ve been painting. I’ve now found a new use for vinegar.

Today, I spilled a blueberry smoothie on a pair of white pants. The blueberries stained the fabric almost immediately. Loving to research, I headed directly to my computer, and searched: “remove blueberry stain”. Thank goodness, I did. I found the site On their site, I found that if you pour white vinegar onto the stain, (I let it soak for a few minutes), then pour boiling water on top of the clothing item, it’s suppose to remove the blueberry stain. I tried it. It worked like a dream. I then washed my white pants in the washer, and my white pants show no sign of the blueberry stain. 8)

After removing blueberry stains with white vinegar. I decided to see what else white vinegar is good for. I did a search, and here’s what I found.

There is a website called Vinegar Institute. Their entire site is dedicated to vineagar.

If you’re looking for information on vinegar, ranging from its many uses to the history of this versatile product….you’ve come to the right place! We invite you to learn how vinegar has been around for more than 10,000 years and how today’s vinegar represents the best elements of that product of long ago as well as new products to keep up with the changing times. We offer the latest news on vinegar, recipes that use different varieties of vinegar and numerous uses and tips for vinegar, including using it in your laundry, to clean your kitchen and bathroom and kid’s stuff too, such as making “naked” eggs!

I then went to They list 131 uses for vinegar. A sampling of what they suggest are as follows:

Feel good recipe. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass
of water, with a bit of honey added for flavor,
will take the edge off your appetite and give
you an overall healthy feeling.

Remove fruit stains from hands. Rub with vinegar.

Remove warts by applying a lotion of half cider
vinegar and half glycerin.
Apply daily to warts until they dissolve. also reminds us:

If you use Vinegar for cleaning, it doesn’t matter
what kind you use, except Brown (cider) Vinegar
will stain porous materials.
So use vinegar wisely!!

Not to be outdone,, has 254 uses for vinegar. Some of their ideas are:

Used as a hair rinse, vinegar neutralizes the alkali left by shampoos.
A quarter cup in a quart of water makes a good window cleaner. A reader adds: When you use vinegar in your water to wash windows, dry with newspapers. Your windows will sparkle!
Fabric softener and static cling reducer – use as you would liquid fabric softener.
Air freshener, used with baking soda – use 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 2 cups of water. After it stops foaming, mix well, and use in a (recycled) spray bottle into the air.
Chewing gum dissolver – saturate the area with vinegar. If the vinegar is heated, it will work faster.

And finally, I came across

They claim there’s 1001 uses for white distilled vinegar. Who knew?

It is easy to see why vinegar has been around for thousands of years and it has 1001 uses! From cooking and cleaning with vinegar, to gardening and home remedies, white distilled vinegar is one of the most versatile and economical products you can have on hand.

Kill weeds and grass growing in unwanted places by pouring full-strength white distilled vinegar on them. This works especially well in crevices and cracks of walkways and driveways.

Give acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and gardenias a little help by watering them with a white distilled vinegar solution now and again. A cup of white distilled vinegar to a gallon of tap water is a good mixture.

Stop ants from congregating by pouring white distilled vinegar on the area.

Discourage cats from getting into the kids sandbox with white distilled vinegar.

The above websites, probably list some duplicate information, however, can you believe there are over 1000 uses for vinegar?

White distilled vinegar is very inexpensive. If it has that many uses, just think of how much money one could save by using vinegar in place of other cleaning products or gardening chemicals.

I know using white vinegar got the blueberry stain out of my white pants, but I had no idea that vinegar was so versatile in and around the home.

I’m headed back to the sites I listed, and see what else I can use vinegar for. Join me there!

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8 Responses to Uses For Vinegar

  1. Abel Lozano says:

    I found your vinegar topic very interesting. I think I will try some of the ideas and suggestions you posted. Thank You

  2. I use vinegar alot too. Here’s another use for it:
    I used to use it to clean the pet rabbits litter box. It disinfects and it’s still safe for fluffy :)

  3. Hi Jaki,

    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    We want Fluffy to be safe. :)

  4. Louise says:

    We had a cat that chose to not to go in his litterbox on occasion. We tired everything until my husband decided to use vinegar. Once the vinegar smell went away, there was no underlying smell.

    Louises last blog post..Sauteed Smoked Gouda Cheese Grits with Black Bean Salsa Recipe

  5. Jacob says:

    My Girlfriend just stained the counter or our new rental with blueberry smoothy and this posting saved us. Thank you!!!

  6. Kathleen says:

    You saved the day with the vinegar/water suggestion. Last night my blueberry pie (fresh from the oven) tipped just enough in the basket on the way to our store Christmas party and blueberry juices spilled out and onto the carpet in our van (thank goodness it was on the floor and not the seats). This afternoon I got the time to try your remedy and it worked like a charm. After the soakings, I used our wet/dry vacuum and got up every trace of the juice stain. I now feel no guilt, and my husband can stop clenching his teeth!

  7. Hi Kathleen: I’m happy to know the vinegar/water suggestion worked. It’s hard to believe something as simple as that would do the trick.

  8. Add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine, it works as a fabric softener. It also removes the soap residue that can build up when using homemade laundry detergent.

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