What Are Green Collar Jobs

You may be hearing the term “green collar jobs”, and wonder what this means.

Green collar jobs are positions in the clean energy sector. These are jobs in the areas of renewal energy, recycling, green building, wind power farms, solar energy, organics (of all types), or any other type of position that has been established to help “save the planet” and/or reduce global warming.

Although these jobs are actually white or blue collar jobs, because these workers are involved in the energy/environmental sector, the name “green collar jobs has been attached to these positions.

Many politicians are urging the government, corporations and/or small businesses to create more green collar jobs; jobs which will help to save the environment and reduce our dependency on oil.

Tax breaks, loans and/or grant opportunities may become available to businesses for the creation of green collar jobs.

Years ago, we created green collar jobs with a recycling business. For the tutorial, read Wood Recycling, A Green Opportunity

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2 Responses to What Are Green Collar Jobs

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  2. Green collared jobs – never heard it put like that before. I like it. I think that would be a great career for anyone wanting to make a difference.

    My cousin works for the EPA and he loves it. He is a water specialist. He knows that he makes a difference in people’s lives.

    Karl – Your Work Happiness Matterss last blog post..iPhone 3G is Pushing the Work Happy Now Theme

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